We’re in 2060 and storage problems are out of control. You think storage problems are bad today as 7 out of 10 households are having issues finding place to store all their belonging, then see where it gets by 2060.

Skyscraper like storage sheds are being built in suburban backyards to be able to keep up with storage need.

Cheap Sheds, the leading supplier of storage sheds is experiencing a very busy time and you can be part of their team, building high rise storage sheds.

The goal of the game is to place the shed blocks on each other as stable as possible and avoid the building falling over.

As you’re building the sheds, you get a set score for each block that is successfully placed and the better the block is placed, the more items can be stored in the blocks, so the more scores you get.

Placing the block exactly on the top of the other gives you more scores and the more exact placement one after another you can manage, the more your storage scores go up.

Every time the building falls, a life is lost and bonus life can be obtained after every two levels completed.